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As the cost of high-quality medications shows no signs of decreasing, the importance of finding a reliable and economical provider of healthcare goods, whether online or offline, remains undiminished. Canadian Pharmacy TogetherRx is your certified medication platform, innovating and maintaining tight control over our work methods, all in pursuit of offering a superior service that’s even more considerate and aligned with our users’ needs.

The outcome? A noticeable increase in visit frequency from satisfied customers who not only return but also consistently praise us. Our company oversees its work procedures with effective monitoring, providing our customers with greater safety and more robust guarantees of efficiency and control than the strict standards set by the industry.

Comfort and affordability stand as priorities of our drugstore. While there are other aspects we pride ourselves on, allowing customers to purchase our products online and delivering them wherever they are brings us immense joy. We don’t just offer great prices on a wide range of drugs; we dive deep, providing you with all the nitty-gritty details on a variety of healthcare products.

Our Two Main Advantages

So, what does it even mean – comfort and affordability? We’ve talked about it plenty, but why keep repeating it?

Online shopping is an outstanding new approach to buying stuff. It’s been around for years, of course, but now a lot of people of different demographic groups do that. Buying pharmacy products online (medicine, beauty solutions, vitamins & so forth) is one of the new exciting ways to make your life more comfortable.

  1. You don’t need to drive anywhere to buy your medication. With a Canadian online pharmacy, it can be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days, wherever you are. You also don’t need to empty your savings fund for this shopping trip because our prices are much lower than most Americans (and some Canadians) are used to.
  2. See, not only are Canadian drugs cheaper, but we also sell generics. You could say we specialize in these brand-free versions of your regular drugs. A generic alternative is a small fraction of the cost of the same products sold under brand names. At the same time, they are just as effective and safe.

Standards and Compliance

At CP, adherence to the high safety and control standards is a cornerstone of our operation. We operate within a strictly regulated framework, ensuring compliance with Health Canada’s guidelines. These guidelines are in alignment with the rigorous standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), guaranteeing that the medications we provide are of the highest safety and efficacy.

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

The basis of trust in Canadian Pharmacy is anchored in our commitment to meeting rigorous licensing requirements. For us, it is essential that the services featured in our aggregator have a license from the respective provincial or territorial regulatory authority, such as the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) or a similar organization in other countries. These regulatory bodies ensure that our partners adhere to all local and national regulations, maintaining high standards for medication storage, dispensing, and patient counseling.

Protecting Privacy and Personal Information

In an era where digital transactions have become the norm, the importance of protecting privacy and personal data cannot be overstated. At CP, safeguarding our patients’ confidentiality is paramount, achieved through strict compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This commitment to privacy protection ensures the secure handling of personal and medical information online, reinforcing our pledge to maintain the safety and trust of our clientele.

Through these measures, CP is committed to offering healthcare products and services that are safe, reliable, and earn the trust of our customers.

Various Products Offered by Canadian Pharmacy Online

At our platform, you can access a wide range of health-related products, including over-the-counter medications, essential prescription drugs, beauty solutions, various vitamins, and much more.

One of the most notable parts of our inventory is generics. Generics are medications that utilize the original compound discovered by scientists without branding it. This approach significantly reduces costs, as it avoids the high markups Big Pharma imposes on its products to cover marketing, research and development, and other expenses.

Canadian Pharmacy operates as a dispensing pharmacy service, meaning we collaborate with an extensive network of companies to distribute our products. This network allows customers from numerous countries to purchase our medications – you don’t need to be Canadian or American to benefit from our quality healthcare products.

Your Medication-To-Go

Medication-to-go is a special service that makes your treatment routine even less uncomfortable. It essentially lets you personalize your tablet/pill packages and order strips of all the drugs you’re taking during a certain period of time. So, instead of countless bottles and packages of medicine ruining your neat home, you’ll have a few tiny strips of foil with differently-sized pills and tablets inside.

You can specify exactly what drugs you want in your strips, how big you want these strips to be & also tell us your pill-taking schedule. We aren’t interested in these details as they are, but they’ll let us build balanced strips that include all your necessary daily/biweekly/weekly drugs.

It’s a drastic improvement that removes one of the main headaches (sometimes even literally) of complex medicine courses. Simply order one of these and have a few strips delivered right to your place. Then, it’s exactly the same experience, but without all the packaging. Sounds like harmony, doesn’t it?

All Our Services

You’ll be surprised how many pharma-related services we got here.

Medications review

This service lets you get in touch with a professional (a pharmacist or a doctor) and discuss everything there is to discuss the medicine you’re taking. It’s important because the medication can interact with other medications on many different levels, in addition to interacting with your body.

There are plenty of issues that can occur because some side-effect of a particular drug you’re taking has been neglected in light of your own allergies or whatever. You know, sometimes certain medication is just uncomfortable. It’s usually a matter of overcoming your discomfort, but often there are just more comfy alternatives.

Prescription renewals

Prescriptions tend to expire. In Canada, a regular prescription is expired 1 year after it’s initially given to your pharmacist. Some stricter substances may expire sooner than that. After that, it has to be renewed for you to continue buying the desired drug. You can’t do it at the pharmacy – your doctor needs to give you a renewed prescription.

However, what you can do at the pharmacy is ask them to request a new prescription from your doctor. All we need is your last prescription, details about your doctor & some other details. Let us take care of that.

Speciality drugs

Specialty drugs are a loose term for ‘uncommon’ medicine. This group includes self-administered injection drugs, expensive pills, or just drugs that need special preparation or routine. Many of them are one-off, unique solutions, or solutions for rare problems. The problem is that some of them may not even be featured at some pharmacies.

We offer a wide variety of such drugs. If there isn’t a drug that you were looking for, you can always make a suggestion for us to add it. If enough people request it, we’re bound to add it to our catalog.

Personal medication schedule

You absolutely need a medication schedule if you take more than 2 drugs throughout your day. If you take antibiotics, for instance, the doctors can prescribe you a myriad of other pills to keep your body afloat while antibacterial remedies kill germs and healthy microbes alike.

These schedules include your medicine, when you need to take them, dosage, special instructions, purpose, and more. We can compile it for you based on what drugs you’re currently taking.


Blog posts and news about drugs may seem a bit too ‘sciency’ to be interesting. If your goal is to get through medicine shopping as fast as possible, then it may be the case. However, if you find yourself increasingly interested in buying cheap and helpful products to boost your well-being, then you can keep reading about this stuff right here.

Also, don’t forget that medication reviews aren’t just for entertainment purposes. We try to describe relevant and popular medication in such a way that you could readily comprehend its advantages, disadvantages, good effects, side effects, and a lot more. It is a cool find, considering that most such materials online are just plain boring, which negates their purpose of being informative.

The materials below, however, are both informative and (we hope) interesting.

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