Connect with a Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy platform provides pharmacy partner institutions with services for placing information about their products on the website and services for ensuring that users place orders.

With the use of our platform, users from different countries will be able to order goods from your pharmacy. If you are looking for opportunities to enter a new market for your company, contact us by filling out the feedback form. For each partner, we offer an individual form of cooperation to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Why Become a Canadian Pharmacy Partner?

First of all, what does the Canadian Pharmacy service give the consumer? It saves time and money, minimizes stressful situations, and is also a bridge between the sellers and buyers.

Nowadays, it is important for pharmacies to create a strong online presence, but it can be quite expensive for a pharmacy to build everything from scratch.  Canadian Pharmacy is a platform, a ready-made turnkey sales channel that does not require capital investment on the part of pharmacies, works literally from the first day, provides pharmacies with additional customer traffic and additional income, and is also an additional channel of communication with the client.

How to Become a Partner?

Connecting your pharmacy to is typically done in a couple of simple steps.

  1. Agreeing on the terms of cooperation and signing the contract;
  2. Technical integration, uploading data on prices and balances;
  3. Connecting to the service and displaying the seller in the public interfaces of CP;
  4. Receiving medication order requests from our users and receiving additional profit from sales.

When concluding a cooperation agreement with Canadian Pharmacy, interested pharmacies should take into account the following points:

  • Necessary licenses. All our partners have the appropriate licenses and certificates necessary for the sale of medicinal products in their country and internationally.
  • Length on the market. We do not cooperate with fly-by-night pharmacies. You would need to show that your pharmacy has all the potential to provide services for years to come.
  • The pharmacy must be located in a country that does not have prohibiting laws regulating the online sales of medicinal products.
  • We choose pharmacy chains with a wide range of drugs. However, if you still feel you have something special to offer our customers, please let us know.
  • Availability of order delivery. You should be able to ship your medicinal products to our customers in a timely and proper manner.

For additional information on connecting your pharmacy, please contact us via a convenient method.

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