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Effective date: Jan 27, 2024

General Information

Canadian Pharmacy togetherrxaccess.com contains materials and works the rights to which belong to togetherrxaccess.com or are provided to it by third parties. Any website content should not be used for any commercial purposes. Any trademarks or copyrighted information contained on this website are the property of their respective owners.

Permitted Use

The behavior required of every responsible internet user must be displayed in all aspects by the user of this website.

The user is prohibited from using this website and its contents for any purpose that is against the law, public order, or widely accepted standards of decency.

Togetherrxaccess.com retains the right to apply to offenders any preventive measures allowed by law and to defend its breached rights in the event that they break the terms and conditions of this website.

Release of Liability

We merely give links to any online resource on our website for the convenience of our users. Togetherrxaccess.com disclaims any liability over the correctness of the data and material posted on these websites. When using outside resources, users do so willingly and at their own risk.

The owner of this website disclaims any obligation to users or third parties for any harm that may result from using the materials or information provided on the site.

Confidentiality and Security

Since the user of Togetherrxaccess.com voluntarily provides personal data, it is understood that this is done only with the explicit consent of the user. The user thereby gives the owner explicit permission to use this personal information for statistical purposes and service improvement.

Some other information not related to personal data may be stored on the owner’s server. Such information may include (without limitation) browser type, hardware characteristics, and the user’s IP address.

Togetherrxaccess.com Privacy Policy applies to the use of this resource and is part of the Terms of Use. To view our Privacy Policy, please visit the respective page.

Changes to the Agreement

The owner of the website reserves the right to periodically modify the Terms of Use listed above without giving the user advance notice. Accordingly, you should review them each time you visit.

You acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use by using this website.


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