My Canadian Pharmacy: Can You Really Trust Their Reputation?

We got in touch with My Canadian Pharmacy staff members to know more about the efficiency, legacy, and security of their work in the online pharmaceutical market. They shared detailed information on the technical complexity of their work, their attitude to the clients, and their communication with the suppliers.

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Isn’t it a waste of time for your team to answer questions about their work?

Definitely no. Our activity is based on personal approach and communication with clients and anyone interested in our pharmaceutical service is in the first place.

Does it mean that you’re ready to share relevant information about the dosage, side-effects, and effectivity of every pill?

Yes. We urge our customers to ask as more questions about every medication as needed to obtain an overview of the treatment course. We want our customers to stay unharmed, and we never offer anything that can be harmful to their health.

So, it means that you’re ready to provide medical consultations, right?

Yes, it’s true. We’re ready for individual online conversations via video chat to avoid any mutual misunderstanding. If our clients’ health issues are not grave, one of our medical specialists will be able to help with the choice of the treatment course.

Is it easy to get the prescription and why does it take so much time to be prepared?

In case if you already have an existing official prescription from your physician, it won’t take long. The prescription information should be shared with us via fax or email. As soon as we accept it as valid, the pills are packed and sent via airmail or delivery service. In case if you’re a new client, you’ll have to get through a lengthy procedure of verifications. We can only accept a prescription if the ordered medications go in line with your current medication profile. We need time to check the health indicators of our clients to make sure that no one suffers from unwanted side effects.

What about automatic refills and regular notifications?

We do have both. We urge our clients to subscribe to our newsletter service to provide them with relevant information on their regular medication courses. It’s especially profitable if you’re under a complex medical therapy and you don’t have enough time to control your medical purchases on your own. Automatic refills are cost-effective and convenient as well. It happens that a client is undergoing therapy with a very rare medication. If he/she subscribes to a regular automatic refill plan, we will be able to pre-order any unusual medication thus making it available monthly.

What do you do if a client rejects to answer questions about his existing medical conditions?

We reject to sell him or her a medication. In case if the information in the medication profile of the client is sufficient, we don’t get into direct contact and don’t ask for personal details. Nevertheless, if we deal with a powerful medication that can cause severe effects, we always find a way to discuss the client’s intentions. We ask for what purpose the customer wants to purchase the drug. We wonder whether he/she has any chronic conditions. Our online specialists also ask customers to be frank about the current state of health. If he/she feels uncertain about answering these questions, we have to reject for safety purposes.

Does a pharmacist have a right to contact the physician of the client?

Yes, he does. Our chief focus is your safety. Each pharmacist knows that many drugs can be used for many medical conditions at once. Modern healthcare American laws have brought significant changes in the way pharmaceutical and healthcare systems should work. The online pharmaceutical market is now firmly connected to the medical profiles of the clients, and they have an official right to contact the physician for more information about your problems. Every client will have to wait for as long as it is needed before he is allowed to get a prescription in case if one of our online members has doubts about your health state.

Is it safe to share personal data about health indicators and existing conditions with you? Do you protect your clients’ privacy?

We use a standard Secure Sockets Layer protocol that has already proved its effectivity on numerous online platforms. SSL provides a safe connection between our customers and us. All financial operation, as well as any data sent via our website, moves via a secure online channel. This way we protect our clients’ account data and login information. No one can intercept with our online work. Besides, our privacy policy involves full responsibility for the data leaks at the hands of our staff.

What is the difference between the original meds and their generic copies? Are they safe?

Both of them are safe as soon as you take them according to your prescription requirements. They have the same affectivity because both of them are manufactured on the base of the same active components with the use of the latest equipment. The main difference between generics and the original brands is that they are a lot cheaper. The manufacturers don’t have to invest in branding and advertising thus saving a lot on promotion procedures. These pills are released in alternative shapes and colours. They can even be offered in a broader range of dosages. Nevertheless, they are as effective as their original versions.

What types of medications do you specialize in?

We offer all sorts of medications from both branded manufacturers and their licensed copies. They are general healthcare meds including painkillers, antibiotics, blood pressure pills, medications for your heart, liver, and stomach problems. There’s a vast choice of products and listing them here is not an option. We mainly focus on drugs destined to treat Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction.

Why did you decide to concentrate on men’s sexual health?

We know that it’s a very delicate problem to discuss eye-to-eye. Not every man is ready to get to one of the local drugstores to buy a pack of Viagra or Cialis pills thus demonstrating his sexual weakness. We want to save most American men from this inconvenience offering safe and cost-effective medications online, where you don’t have to contact anyone directly. Our staff members have a lot of experience in selling medicines for sexual problems. It means that they will quickly find an appropriate and sensible solution for any man willing to improve his sexual stamina and save money.

Is running the website hard?

As hard as running a regular drugstore. It’s even trickier. We have to involve many specialists in the team. They are skilled, professional pharmacists, multidisciplinary medical staff, and IT specialists. We have to do our best to promote security, anonymity, and safety. Running a website is not hard when pros guide the process in Information Technologies. Nevertheless, even our medical specialists get through regular training courses and programs to become more tech proficient.

What delivery methods do you offer?

Regular airmail and express courier delivery. We send the parcels internationally. The packages don’t have any signs on the outside that will somehow reveal their contents. We know that discreetness is necessary for this area. We also have a free delivery option in case if your purchase will cost you more than $150. Just contact one of our online specialists to get relevant and prompt information on how to get your pack of pills in case if you live in a rural, remote area of the United States or abroad.

Can a customer change his mind and cancel the order without losing money? Definitely. There’s nothing wrong in it. A customer should promptly contact one of our staff members, and we’ll cancel the shipping on our own with a money back guarantee. Nevertheless, shipping procedure can be different depending on the place of residence of the customer. We demand that our clients are more responsible and thoughtful while choosing because the shopping procedure is our mutual responsibility.

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